RealGift - The engagement card with data capture and loyalty program

What is RealGift?

Through a convenient mobile app, recipients of RealGift cards are able to redeem their cards for any gift that they select from the provided offers inside the app. The recipient receives a gift card, scans it via the mobile app and redeems the card within seconds. RealGift customers are able to specify product pick-up or delivery preferences, if desired. Upon successfully redeeming, users can either pick-up their gift at a specified location or ship it directly to them.
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Physical gifts
Customers can receive awesome gifts from a company they have been in contact with via an innovative and beautiful customized app. Everyone can redeem their RealGift and receive amazing real physical products.
Any kind of products
Depending on the set of products, customers can choose between any imaginable product from physical marketing items, such as cups, shirts or pens, to even bigger products or special awards, such as meet & greet your star. There are no limitations.
RealGift white-label
RealGift provides its know-how and its technology to interested companies. RealGift is a proper customer loyalty and marketing tool for physical gifts, products, and promotional items. Starting from classical physical marketing articles to attractive products that companies sell in their own shop.
How it works – scan your gift
User opens mobile App and scans a QR code to get access to the RealGift gift redemption section within the mobile app.
How it works – redeem your gift
After scanning the QR code, the user gets routed to the gift redemption section where he can choose between several gifts that he can then get shipped to his living address. Also, digital gifts should be available in the area (e.g. voucher codes, ticket codes etc.). In any case, the user needs to provide his personal data as RealGift is a data gathering and analytics tool for user loyalty, acquisition & co.
Customer loyalty
Every company can provide awesome gifts to customers they have been in contact with. Via an innovative and beautiful custom app of their brand, everyone can redeem gift cards and receive amazing real physical or digital products.
Innovative marketing tool
Generating leads was never that easy. Each client who redeems their card is instantly registered as a lead and is already aware of the brand behind the gift. Companies can follow-up at any point via the custom app if required. The RealGift solution provides the tools needed to get you closer to your customers.
Service package for your needs
This is what you can expect from us:
• Mobile app (iOS, Android)
• Data analytics dashboard
• Management & support
Management Dashboard
• The dashboard shall be used to administrate the gifts in the redemption area and to set up promotion campaigns so that certain gifts are only available for a certain event or promotion campaign.
• Management of QR codes.
• Also pre-redemption questionaires can be managed via the management dashboard.
• You will see all user data inside the management dashboard (e.g. who is the client, which gifts he has redeemed, what are his/her replies to the pre-redemption questions.
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