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CGift AG is an innovative company with offices in Hamburg, Germany, and Palo Alto, California, that offers simple, convenient and accessible technology solutions for consumers to purchase and utilize cryptocurrencies. CGift is focused on creating easy-to-use digital and physical gift cards, as well as crypto ATM solutions. CGift works with partners such as banks who are using our technology solutions.

Our mission

Bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses by providing a simple and extraordinary user experience. We deliver the much-needed convenience, simplicity, and familiarity for consumers looking to engage with the digital assets marketplace.

CGift solutions

As a data-driven blockchain company, together with its network of business clients, CGift is focussed on making digital currencies accessible to mainstream consumers globally.
Digital Gift Cards
  • Purchasers are able to complete their purchase in less than 60 seconds, with the business partner honoring any local regulations in terms of KYC/AML checks.
  • Gift cards may be emailed to any recipient, or the purchaser themself.
  • Gift card redemption supported online and mobile, with redeemed funds being stored.
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Physical Gift Cards
  • Convenient format recognized by consumers around the world.
  • Branded format ready for sale at kiosks, convenience stores, pharmacies, and other established gift card retail “hot spots.”
  • To reduce transaction friction, locally required KYC/AML checks can be deployed at the time of redemption for the convenience of retailer partners.
  • Redemption online and via mobile, with redemption to the CGift wallet or any of the recipient’s choosing.
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  • CGift branded ATMs that fit in a small footprint, ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • ATMs are customized, branded variants of the Lamassu Industries ATM product and are able to comply with all KYC/AML requirements.
  • As with other CGift products, purchases may be redeemed by the purchaser or sent to a recipient of the purchaser’s choosing.
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White Label Solutions
  • This customization includes re-branding of physical gift cards, as well as fully-branded online purchase experiences. This is a complete toolset for existing brands’ customer acquisition and convenience needs.
  • CGift has the ability to integrate survey / demographic capture tools into the redemption flow, enabling a new and exciting form of customer acquisition and intelligence for clients.

About Us

CGift offers a safe and secure environment for buying gift cards that can be redeemed for Bitcoin. The company was established by an international team of technology experts, lawyers and auditors. Our founding team ensures full regulatory compliance, including strict enforcement of routines and procedures relating to Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) measures. Positive client ID verification is ensured through the use of a multitude of official electronic ID solutions.

Our Mission

We offer a user-friendly portal to take their first steps with Bitcoin. We are convinced that we can simplify access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for private customers if we create trust with security and transparency.
Meet the Team
Entrepreneurs, blockchain and capital markets experts with a proven track record.
Gunnar Binder
Executive Director
Joe Bergeron
Founder & Technology Lead
Delf Ness
Supervisory Board & Business Development
Shareholder & Advisors
Philip Moffat
Founder & Advisor Strategy Lead
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